The Trail

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Description: There is no script for ‘The Trail’, never has been. Our project is approximately 50% outline and 50% improvisation. We created a storytelling template, and we are creating characters to exist in this story with the help of talented, local actors. ‘The Trail’ is a short, twisty, supernatural story that combines complex, selfish characters and philosophical dialogue to tell a story about ethics and the way human beings rationalize selfish, evil deeds done to each other. So far there are ten episodes planned. Each episode involves a local hiking trail and is full of dramatic events and wretched characters seeking to destroy one another and seeking to escape the mental, physical, and spiritual prisons they are trapped within.

  • Looking for people that preferably live in or near Mount Pleasant, PA and/or have the desire to commit to multiple small, future projects after this project.
  • We need more team members! We have a screenplay, videographer, music composer, filming locations. We need actors, and we’d love to hear from you if you are interested in participating as an actor or in another capacity. Please don’t hesitate to show interest, because maybe this is a good match for you.
  • Our story is partly inspired by ‘Crime and Punishment’ by Fyodor Dostoevsky.
  • This is our team’s first project. It is designed to be small, short, easy, and fun.
  • We are teachable amateurs, so if you think you know a better way to do something on the project, please speak up.
  • Searching for people with team-focus, team-compatibility, agreeableness, fun-loving personality, and close location.
  • We can write lines for the actors and collaborate, but preferably, you will create much of your own character and write many of your own lines or improvise. You will be given a handful of character guidelines to work with.
  • Adult audience but no 18+ scenes.
  • Other projects planned after this project.
  • Incentives to work on this project include: fun, creativity, network building, portfolio building, friendships, and future opportunities

5 female parts:

5 male parts:
rapist (attempted)

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