Jessica Bella

Pittsburgh Area Live Shows

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Singing with Band

Best Western Hotel New Year’s Eve Party, performed with Soft Keys Band.

Hosting and Singing

I was part of the talent as a singer and host of this wedding and honored to be part of this happy day.

Gospel Team

I was honored to be with these amazing singers.

Hosting and Singing

I was getting ready to sing in a luxurious wedding party with my band.

Party Hosting

Hosting a culture festival to celebrate South Kalimantan’s 467th anniversary.

Hosting and Singing

Hosting a large coal mining company’s anniversary, and as always, I was also singing 🙂

Hi, everyone! I’m Jessica Bella, independent musician from Indonesia now living in the USA. Music is my lifelong passion and one of the greatest loves of my life. I love to sing. I love to perform. I love people, and I love to bless an audience with a heartfelt and inspiring performance of something beautiful. I hope we can meet soon, and I look forward to helping make your next event amazing.

I’m working on music every day. Music has always been a huge part of my life, and since I have become a songwriter, music has taken over as the greatest mission of my life, and I want music to be the legacy I leave to the world. I decided to create and perform music in my own name, Jessica Bella, after an experience with a band that didn’t work out, and I was left alone. I never want to experience that again. I want to build up a foundation and then continue building upon it until my last breath. That’s why everything I’m doing now is in the name Jessica Bella. That way I can keep working with or without a band. I can’t stop this music journey. As long as I have blood flowing in my veins, the music is alive in me and needs to come out.

As a full-time musician, my daily focus is on making music, so I’m confident I can devote a lot of time and energy to a project. I’m a hard worker, focused and determined, and I have devoted the rest of my life to this music journey. What I’m persistently seeking now is more opportunities to share music with the world. I’m happy to perform covers songs, but I hope to do so maintaining a balance with the new, original music I’m producing as well.

I’m from Indonesia where I was a professional singer performing at hundreds of weddings and events, even singing and MCing before 1000s of people, including corporate executives and government officials. At that time, I would sing 80s, 90s, 00s, jazz, pop, many fan-favorites, cover songs, etc. I have performed countless times in countless places including weddings, parties, festivals, restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, churches, and more. I love sharing something positive that makes the audience feel good.

“Music has healing power.” – Elton John

Jessica Bella wasn’t born in the United States, but she has always loved our country. She was asked by a friend to sing God Bless America on Memorial Day 2020 in Mount Pleasant, PA, and she did an incredible job. It’s hard to believe she learned this song the day before, such an awesome presentation by a precious person. We love you, Jess ♥

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