Show Me

Hey everyone, Jessica Bella here! We are excited to announce a dance contest to celebrate the release of our new single, ‘Show Me Your Moves,’ on July 20th, 2024! Nova choreographed an amazing dance, and we want to see you perform it! You can enter as a solo or duo, and post your dance video on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube with the hashtag #jbbshowme. The best solo dancer wins one hundred dollars, and if you are a duo, you could each win one hundred dollars! Second place gets free JBB merch. The contest runs until the end of 2024, so get dancing! If you are not a dancer, but you know somebody that loves to dance, share this video and you might help them win one hundred dollars. Rock on, and have a great day!

Use these links from your phone, and then use the sound to make your dance video. Feel free to introduce yourself at the start of your video if you want to!

TikTok – Jessica Bella Band, Show Me Your Moves

YouTube – Jessica Bella Band, Show Me Your Moves

Sounds for your videos on Facebook and Instagram coming soon!