Make Music Day Pittsburgh 2023

Make Music Day Pittsburgh 2023

Wednesday, June 21, 2023, 7 PM to 8 PM
at The Church Brew Works

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Coastal Storm

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Mega Music Monday 2/27/23

We are pleased to introduce to you a special live music event. Mega Music Monday is the perfect way to kick off the week with a rock and roll jam session featuring Jessica Bella Band, Starling My Darling, The Skiffs, and Lorelai Paige at one of Pittsburgh’s hottest new venues, The Bridge Music Bar in East Liberty located at 6018 Broad Street in Pittsburgh, PA 15206

This special event will take place on February 27th, 2023 from 7 PM to midnight. Attendees will have the opportunity to win prizes for contests such as: best dancing, best singing, best flexing, best catwalk, best guitar, best song, best antic, best dressed, and cutest couple.

Online tickets are available for $7. Tickets at the door will be available for $10, so save a little buying online in advance.

This Mega Music Monday event will also be a public celebration of Pittsburgh musicians, and we will be honoring the January 2023 MOP Top 10.

We are sure this event will be a night to remember, and we look forward to seeing you all there!


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Article Opinion

Musician Defined

I saw this meme a while back, and while funny, there is also a lot of truth to this for a musician starting out, and even musicians with decades of experience performing gigs still operate like this. We know hundreds of local musicians, and I don’t know a single musician in Pittsburgh that can pay their bills with music alone; that’s what they all want (to pay the bills with music), but it simply isn’t happening. The old expression “starving artist” is used so frequently, because the situation is so common. It’s fun and exciting to play music, and tons of people want to do it, and they dream about being rich and famous, but huge success is usually impossible without huge sacrifice, and every small business must suffer through the “starving season” before the harvest comes. When I worked at Google, my coworker told me he thought about opening a pizza shop, and he got advice from a friend that owned a restaurant. The friend said, “Do not start a business unless you are comfortable making no money for at least 3 years and you have $300,000 to invest.” Every situation is different, and there are always exceptions to the norm, but as far as I can tell, every kind of startup business (and a new, working musician is a startup business) is going to struggle and sacrifice simply to survive and then struggle and sacrifice so much more if it wants any chance at being successful.

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2022-07-25 News

We had a great meeting with MOPCON leadership and Chris at Tube City regarding MOPCON.

We’re excited for this week’s events including
Tremendous Thursday and THE FORGE GOT TALENT!

News Shows

5/6 and 5/7 Weekend Shows

Hello, everyone!

We think you’re gonna love this! 💖

  • amazing events, new music
  • fun experiences
  • and a few surprises! 

5/6 and 5/7 Weekend Events!

– Friday, 5/6, Jessica Bella Band at The Forge Urban Winery

Use promo code “friends” for 50% discount

Hang out with us after the show, and let’s discuss collaborations!

– Saturday, 5/7, Jessica Bella Band At Venue 48

Come, check out the new venue!

We want to talk to you this weekend!

  • adding band members
  • seeking musicians for video interviews 
  • planning new events in 2022 and 2023
    • at least 7 concerts
    • recruiting at least 14 bands
  • enhancing existing events
    • Pleasant Fest
    • Forge Got Talent
    • Ladies Got Talent

Thanks for reading!

Team Jessica Bella ❤️