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Mega Music Monday 2/27/23

We are pleased to introduce to you a special live music event. Mega Music Monday is the perfect way to kick off the week with a rock and roll jam session featuring Jessica Bella Band, Starling My Darling, The Skiffs, and Lorelai Paige at one of Pittsburgh’s hottest new venues, The Bridge Music Bar in East Liberty located at 6018 Broad Street in Pittsburgh, PA 15206

This special event will take place on February 27th, 2023 from 7 PM to midnight. Attendees will have the opportunity to win prizes for contests such as: best dancing, best singing, best flexing, best catwalk, best guitar, best song, best antic, best dressed, and cutest couple.

Online tickets are available for $7. Tickets at the door will be available for $10, so save a little buying online in advance.

This Mega Music Monday event will also be a public celebration of Pittsburgh musicians, and we will be honoring the January 2023 MOP Top 10.

We are sure this event will be a night to remember, and we look forward to seeing you all there!

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2022-07-25 News

We had a great meeting with MOPCON leadership and Chris at Tube City regarding MOPCON.

We’re excited for this week’s events including
Tremendous Thursday and THE FORGE GOT TALENT!

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The Forge Got Talent April 2022

Written by Ruby Craft

📸: Ruby Craft

Jessica Bella Blog

The Forge Got Talent April 2022

May 2, 2022

From left to right; Colin A, Two Hearted, Pop Baby, Jake Didion, The Ordinary Boy, B-Man, and We Saw Thousands. 

     For the past several weeks on Saturdays starting at 4 pm, original artists have been showcasing their music at the Forge Urban Winery. 

     210 E 7th Avenue Homestead featuring Wines of America 

The Forge Urban Winery is a Veteran owned establishment that has a nonprofit Veterans Helping Veterans. They have amazing wine, music, and it’s a great place.

      The amazing winners of SongWriters Stage from these past several weeks competed  Saturday April 30 at The Forge Urban Winery near the Waterfront for a grand prize of $500. Guests arrived, wine was poured, and the stage soon was rocking. 

    The performers choose numbers from the hat.

     By picking out a number from a hat, we had a lineup for the night.

     Jessica Bella Band

     The opening act was the night’s charismatic MCee Jessica Bella and her Band showing off her energetic personality, soulful sounds, and her good friends Ben and Alex on drums and guitar respectively.  Jumping around the dance floor, belting out her upbeat song “I am amazed” ushered in our artists as they took the stage.  All of these artists are original musicians with passion and power behind their performances.

    Jake Didion

      Jake Didion blew the crowd away with his song “23”. His voice was perfect for his alternative rock style that will remind you of great artists like Kurt Cobain. You can find Jake Didion on Facebook. 

     Colin A

     Colin A was next and his set was the type of music one could fall in love to. His voice calms and pulls at your heartstrings. He’s definitely one to listen to if you’re a fan of music like the Goo Goo Dolls.  You can find him on Facebook at Colin A Hill. 

     We Saw Thousands 

     After a calm set we watched our next band take the stage and flip on a pile of amps centered between the two men.  We Saw Thousands took everyone on what can be described as a religious experience with their loud rock and invoking lyrics. The dance floor had quite a few headbangers and they certainly made an impression for their total rock experience. You can find them on Facebook at We Saw Thousands.  

   Pop Baby 

     After hearing the guitars and rock, we had a change of pace with the next act. Pop Baby. If Lady Gaga and Elton John ever had a son, it’d be Pop Baby. He started with the piano and heartfelt lyrics and then showed us how much emotion his music has with a performance art piece that portrayed himself being marked with red paint that could only represent the blood, sweat, and tears that he pours into his art. Soon the dancefloor was filled while he sang out his latest hit “Unstoppable”. You can find Pop Baby on SoundCloud and Facebook. 

     The Ordinary Boy 

     The night continued with the eclectic music that is Forge Got Talent. The Ordinary Boy executed his unique and rebellious performance that recognized that music is raw and beautiful at the same time.

      B Man

     With only two acts left, B Man with his colorful bandana strummed out music that had a crowd swinging their partners and laughing with joy. He surprised us by playing his version of “Dashboard Jesus” and you can find B Man on Spotify.

      Too Hearted

     Lastly, Too Hearted strummed and drummed the kind of music that has the best vibes. The perfectly timed pauses and beats get you feeling good and up and dancing. You can find Too Hearted on Facebook.

     Everyone wants to win, and you can tell by each artist’s performances that they all brought it. This is where our audience would choose. Utilizing sophisticated scientific tools that measure decibels, Jessica Bella led our judges in cheers for each contestant. The screams and shouts reached very high levels each time. In a twist, it came down to a tie. A final round of shouts and screams had our winner chosen.

 Colin A’s reaction to his win

     Colin A took home the grand prize and the rest of the contestants were honored for their work with trophies as well. 

    The amazing audience and artists

     Throughout the night, we saw smiling faces in the audience there to appreciate these creative and talented original artists. “It was fantastic and amazing and I can’t wait to hear more of these amazing people” – Leah Whitford, Forge Got Talent Audience Guest.

     What’s amazing about Songwriters Stage and Forge Got Talent is the original artists can win multiple times. The next Forge Got Talent will take place at The Forge Urban Winery in July.  Who wins depends on our amazing audience and fans! Thank you to all the participants and to The Forge Urban Winery near the Waterfront.

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